Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Steamy Nights in B-More!

An impromptu trip out of town had me throwing an outfit in a bag and hitting the road. Dinner, drinks and merriment were the theme of the evening. I don't think you can go wrong with black & white outfit. The shirt has a few jewels on the neckline adding a bit of sparkle. I did forget an important part of the outfit, my foundation, more about that in a later post.I had a denim jacket/blazer that I wore over the outfit , which isn't pictured.
I'm not really all that happy with how the pictures came out, but what kind of blog would this be if I only showed flattering pictures of my trials and tribulations. I included two pics of the outfit so you can see the pants, one picture is post a surprise rainstorm so excuse my hair. Additional pic of my shoes, which despite the height are some of the most comfortable pair of heels I've worn in a while. I was able to run across a major street in the rain without any discomfort. Amazing really!

Outfit,Shirt- Vera Wang for Kohls, Pants- Context, and Shoes Michael for Michael Kors. Headband -Eyelet fabric from some fabric store in L.A. not pictured Denim jacket from Old Navy.


karla said...

oooo those shoes are killer! super cute blog name by the way ;)

chances said...

Thanks for the comment! The shoes are very comfortable! Glad you like my blog name!