Sunday, May 25, 2008

Miami Rhapsody

I've been meaning to post about my trip to Miami for a couple of weeks but never got around to it. I only have one  picture of my outfits from the trip how that happened I don't know. I had a wonderful time, the weather was glorious , the food was delish and the clubbing was fun. Oh yeah I had some tasty drinks and did a little bit of  sunning and shopping  all in all a delightful trip. Packing was a nightmare because I always want loads of options but I don't want to lug a bunch of suitcases. I had to limit how many shoes which always creates issues for me. I did very well two pairs of heels, my traveling flats and flip-flops for the beach. It was blazing hot so I decide to keep my outfit simple. This is one of my standard summer looks. I know my hair is interesting but remember I said it was blazing hot! 

Outfit- Dress- Halogen, T-shirt- AA, Head scarf- some random brand, Shoes- Steve Madden and Glow- Miami Sun


eyetechfashionista said...

Ahhhhhh Miami. I think I saw you in Miami. By any chance was it the first weekend in May throwing back some drinks at an unnamed beach spot. LOL. If it was your outfit was very cute.

Anonymous said...

This is so cute. Love the styling!