Friday, April 25, 2008

Shades of Gray

Here's my first post, it was my birthday so ignore the cheesy smile ( it was probably all the mojitos and sangria that I imbibed) and the very pouffy hair. Yes I know that pouffy isn't a word but it correctly describes the state of my hair on a regular basis. Once summer comes I'm sure you will see many posts with rants about the state of my hair and the never ending search for products to tame the frizzy mop of curls that sits atop my head.

As for the outfit, it was a gorgeous day and I wanted to show a little, okay a lot of leg. I don't think mini skirts are just for skinny legs as you can see as long as your legs have a nice shape I say go for it! Gray has become a staple of my wardrobe,and I wanted an excuse to wear my gray fishnet stockings one more time before the heat and humidity of summer hits the city and that's impossible.

Sweater - Vera Wang for Kohls , Dress-Forever 21, T-shirt Gap, Tights - I can't remember who, Shoes - Nine West Bag -Burberry studded knight ( I enclosed a separate photo) and jewelry. bracelets made by the kids in my class except the wooden cuff and Hermes buckle bracelet!

Burberry studded Knight photo from

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Anonymous said...

wow that is a hot outfit. I think you look really good in gray! and uh uh spotting the heels too!!!