Friday, May 23, 2008

Traveling in Style or Going for Comfort.

The perfect travel outfit  is something that always plagues me, what to wear ? I want to look stylish but I also want to be comfortable in case I have to  dash thru the airport or squish in a seat on the train. I don't want to be too comfortable ie mallrat/sloppy with sweatsuits from juicy with cropped pants, sparkly sunglasses atop my head  and Uggs nor do I want to wear some elaborate outfit and feel uncomfortable. One of my best friends always travels in heels even if she's wearing jeans or "sweatsuits" her outfits are more like 70's lounge outfits, I might have to see if I can find a picture, granted this the same woman who wore gold platform pumps to drop off packages at Fedex wearing her morning outfit, a some yoga style pants with a sheer white v-neck shirt, But that has always been her style and it totally works for her. She owns a very successful vintage store in L.A. so she does know her stuff.  Back to me and traveling ever since I wore lizard skin cowboys boots home from Mardi Gras (  LONG time ago)  and my feet were killing me I am definitely more careful with my shoe choices. I'm so bored with wearing ballet flats but that's always an easy answer. Because rain has been eminent all week I wore my trusty frye boots, my favorite jeans and my new chapeau.  Sorry for the crappy pic , still waiting on the new memory card. 

Outfit- tank top-Abercrombie & Fitch - from some discount store, Sweater, jeans - Old Navy, Boots- Frye, Hat- Aldo Accessories, Sunglasses- Fendi  and Jewelry - the usual suspects! 

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