Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The search for the perfect dress

Next week I have to go to a family member's graduation from High School. So I need something to wear to the graduation and the dinner afterwards.It would seem that a woman my age would have the perfect dress/es at her disposable. Something to throw on that is chic, and appropriate for family gatherings. Nah I sure don't, my wardrobe fits in to two possibly three categories. My disposable wardrobe that I wear to work. For the past few years I've been working with kids, so my clothes need to be comfortable and cheap. Paint, ink and dirty hands on your 300 dollar jeans or 600 dollar pair of shoes will make you homicidal.

Before that I worked in the Television and Film Industry , and was a freelance stylist, which translates to artistic type which means you can wear pretty much what ever you want. Next are my going out clothes , which are fun, sexy, flirty even a bit out there depending on my mood so not always appropriate for family gathering especially with kids. The last category is my hodge-podge of items which I had to have , love or need but don't necessarily fit into the other category. Like my black funeral pants and skirt. I go to an ungodly amount of funerals so I have to have clothes designated for that too, I recently added a new dress to that grouping. On a lighter note I'm torn between three dress , two outside my budget because I swore I wasn't buying anything new besides my bi-annual shopping trip to the Woodbury outlets before my trip to Las Vegas.

Plus I'm in the process of trimming down another one of my doctor orders. So expensive clothing noticed I didn't mention shoes are not in the cards right now. The third dress is a cute black dress from Norma Kamali which she designed for Spiegel, which is on sale right now. While I adore black I really want to wear a splash of color, that's where the other two dresses come into to play, one is orange and the other is pink. Perfect for a spring evening. Tentatively I've solved my dilemma I will get the Norma Kamali dress in Red. Which dress is your favorite?

Photo credits, Spiegel, Nordstroms, and Net-a-Porter

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Amanda said...

Personally I think the orange one is adorible, however, since it wasnt pictured on a person, I cant judge how it would make someone look. I think though, with having ALL the color, it may be unflattering. Now it it had a pattern or something, it would work better. The red one is a safe choice for a family function though...and besides, you dont want to steal all the attention away from the Graduate with a huge burst of color!
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