Thursday, May 8, 2008

How come I can't find any images of girls like me

Part of the reason I started this blog was the lack of information and images of plus size woman especially ones of color on fashion related sites. My sister was reading my blog last night; my post on summer inspirations, and asked why all the girls were so skinny and where the girls that looked like me. No my sis isn't young nor is she naive but she has a valid point. Try as I might, save Lane Bryant catalogs ( whose clothes aren't exactly my style ) please click on the link to see the denim offerings. My next post will be about a rainy day outfit and how I found my new favorite jeans. I rarely if ever see plus size woman of color in print. Once in a while Essence will have some , but it isn't a monthly thing. So I will go on a search to see if I can find some images for my next inspiration post! Ashley Stewart just started the online shopping site so here's a pic . for my sis

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