Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lazy Days by the Harbor

I love a three day weekend, it gives me an excuse to travel and visit random places that I would normally never go. I went to the new National Harbor in DC on Sunday to see it's offering. It's simply gorgeous and will definitely be a huge tourist trap with all it's restaurants and shops. Being that I was feeling quite lazy after a very late night filled with many drinks and foolishness I decided to keep the outfit very simple and easy. My bubble dress is very cute even though you can't see how it flares out because I'm sitting down. Please excuse how I'm sitting it looks horrible! You will probably see me in some variation of this outfit during the summer sans the shoes, normally the shoes would have some sort of heel. I love tank dresses but I don't love how my arms look in them so I wear a t-shirt underneath or a light cardigan type shrug on top. When it's really hot I expose the arms but it has to be 90 plus temperature wise!

Outfit- Bubble dress- Target, T-shirt- Michael Kors, Hat- Aldo, Jewelry - Hermes buckle bracelet, mother of pearl bangles, found in a jewelry box, heart earrings and necklace - a gift don't know where it's from. Shoes- sparkley flip flops from Macy's , Purse- Old Navy

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