Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rainy Day Blues

After a fun filled weekend with glorious weather, Mother Nature is back to her old tricks. As the torrents of rain splash against my window I knew I had to rethink my previously planned outfit of capris and a breezy shirt.  I settled on a tried and true outfit that has  gotten me through many blah weather days. This outfit allows me to introduce two of my favorite staples in my current wardrobe rotation, my flirt,  flare fit jeans from Old Navy and my brown harness Frye boots. 

The search for the perfect jeans is an arduous one no matter  your size; now add to the mix, thighs, a big butt and a few extra pounds around the waist, it becomes a daunting task. I stumbled upon my new favorite quite accidently,  my weekly trips to Old Navy ( for my disposable wardrobe more about that in a later post) and was instantly enamored with the color and it was true love once I realized the fit was perfect. I think I have four pairs presently.   

Next up are my well worn and loved  Frye harness boots. I bought these boots a few years ago when by doctors orders I was told no heels for several months after I strained my back. Aghast the horror I felt because most of my shoes are heels if you exclude sneakers and flip-flops ( I lived in SoCal for many years) so I needed a boot that would go with everything.  I needed it to be durable yet chic and these boots were the perfect match. I've worn them more often than I would like to admit and I see them as a long term staple in my wardrobe. I'm even eyeing them in black. I still like to think of them as one of my best purchases EVA! Thanks Doc 

Outfit- tank top some random brand the tag is gone, Shirt- sheer white henley , Jeans, Hoodie from Old Navy. Boots -Frye, Hat- Hollister , jewelry- an assortment of places. My ghetto fabulous  bamboo hearts, a  local jewelry store, wooden cuffs - found in old jewelry box, Necklace - vintage it belonged to my mother. 

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