Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mojitos, Cojitos and Galitos.

Yesterday was the first of many oppressively hot days in NYC! The heat and humidity were sweltering, reminding all New Yorkers that Manhattan is indeed an island. After spending much of the day inside, I decided to meet my cousin and my sister for drinks. As much as I enjoy being back home, I do miss SoCal for one reason( well there may be one or two other reasons) the ability to drive and valet park where ever you go. As I've previously mentioned I love heels but public transportation and heels don't mix. Parking in the city sucks, my sis and debating the merits of driving ie; we were planning to drink lots and giving up the hard to find parking space, in the end we argued so long we took a cab. I had on flats because we were suppose to take the train but we were running late. Yes one would think the train would be faster but all the construction/weird weekend hours that the train has lately, a cab was the most expedient way.I know I look like a rumpled mess but it was very hot and humid.

Outfit, Shirt- Michael for Michael Kors, tank top- JCrew, Skirt-Barney's Coop, shoes- JCrew, Jewelry- Ivory bangles and fabric bamgles from Forever 21. Sheen- 95 degree weather


Jenny H. said...

hahaha thanks for the comment.
it made me laugh!

i likee your blog.
do you wanna trade links?

leave me a comment and let me know :)

Nay'Chelle said...

Nice stripey skirt! Thanks for the comment.