Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Family Celebration

Sorry about the insane glare off my mirror, not to mention the crazy streaks I was rushing out of the house because my ride decided to come early. I had another family celebration today, it's been a very busy week. I decided to pull out some shoes that I haven't worn in years, these Manolo Blahnik's that I purchased for an extremely affordable price at a Last Call sale at Neiman Marcus quite a few years ago. The color palette of my outfit goes well with the shoes. You can't see the belt very well but it's red to add a little punch of color to my outfit. The soles and heel of the shoes are actually red too but it's translating this weird color.

Outfit- Outer shirt Tuxedo style - Nine West, T-shirt and skirt- American Apparel,- Belt-Target, Shoes- Manolo Blahnik, Jewelry- Ivory bangles and Gold bamboo bangles, Necklace- Nadri


Ash1314 said...

hot shoes ;) I love the colors

bear said...

those shoes are h o t!!!