Friday, April 25, 2008

Saying Hello

I've wanted to start a blog since forever. I love fashion and all things related, so I constantly search for new sites, forums ,and blogs to indulge my love. While I've found many enjoyable haunts very few are geared to women like me. A curvy girl with breasts, legs and a butt! I have found this one site that I highly recommend but it doesn't chronicles one person's journey ( which may be a good thing). I just wanted to share my struggles and triumphs as a curvy girl trying to find her place in world where one of the major requirements is a small size. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter because while I've always had curves my overall frame was quite petite. Age , laziness and love of a good brownie changed all that but my love of fashion never waned. So before I lose you to my tendency ramble. Please embark upon this journey with me, the road may get a little bumpy but there will always be chocolate assuage the pain.

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